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Mind & Spirit
Mindfulness and Meditation have many similarities, but they are not exactly the same. In both approaches one develops a deep and inner stillness and a calmer state. It becomes easier to deal with the stressful life, helping with depression, stress, anxiety, etc.

In the practice we try to maintain a moment by moment awareness of our thoughts. Putting our attention on our physical body, feelings and sensations and be present with the surrounding.

30 minutes     25€ - Individuals                     



There are different types all of them seated meditation practice: breathe awareness, guided meditation, visualization, mantra, open the heart, etc. They belief peace, the beauty, the glory and joy of our being lies within.  We cannot seek in the outside. We need to go “within”. 

Please get in touch with us to sort out a good offer!

Rainforest Suspension Bridge
Beach Meditasjon
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