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Colon Hydrotherapy
For thousands of years different forms of hydrotherapy has been practiced for healing considering the power of the water. During the colon hydrotherapy session some water is used to wash the contents of the large intestine detoxifying and taking care of your health and well-being.
In addition, to the wellbeing and cleanliness that is experienced after the CH there are many healthy benefits in this therapy. The treatment becomes essential for the purpose of detoxification, weight loss, anti aging, etc. helping with the healing process, regulation and disease prevention. If you have experienced any of these indications, CH could benefit your situation; constipation, diarrhea, digestion problems, bloating, gas, headaches, fatigue, tiredness, insomnia, depression, skin conditions, arthritis, etc.

TREATMENT PRICE -  60 minutes

 * 1 Colon Therapy  75€. 

 *  Buy 2 for 130€.

 *  Buy 3 for 190€.

Enjoy our Natural touch therapies!
Swedish massage 

This is a therapeutic full body relaxing massage; the techniques applied are combining gentle, but firm movements and stretches.

30 minutes     30€                                   

50 minutes     50€ 


Reflexology is an ancient practice of pressure to points or areas on hands, feet and ears corresponding to specific organs, muscles, bones, valves, etc. Working on the pressure points, parts of the body can relax, balance, and heal.

30 minutes     30€                                   

50 minutes     40€ 

Indian head and shoulders massage - “Champi"

It is an ayurvedic neck, head, shoulders and arms massage. The treatment can be done with or without oil.  It relaxes, works well for inflammation of sinuses as well as improve the blood and lymph system circulation.

30 minutes     30€                                   

50 minutes     50€ 

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Is a technique where very fine needles are inserted in different and specific acupuncture points of your body. The acupuncture needles have a regulating function, makes and encourage the vital energy, and the blood to flow and circulate in a proper balance. Stimulates the immune system, pain relief, body balance (Gastrointestinal, emotional, respiratory disorders, etc) and prevention, etc.

40 minutes     50€                                   


Cupping /Suction cups

The cupping is the old technique that is apply mainly on the back. It works as a suction function, and it treats internal body diseases such as, pain, fatigue, nervous or skeleton imbalances, gain vital energy, etc.

30 minutes     30€                                   

Ginger Hot Compress 

Hot and wet towels soaked on grated fresh ginger water. Particularly, apply on the back lumbar / kidneys area.  A pressure is given on specific points along the bladder meridian. Stimulates the blood, and body fluid circulation, dissolve stagnated toxin, etc.

30 minutes     30€      


Mind & Spirit

In the practice we try to maintain a moment by moment awareness of our thoughts. Putting our attention on our physical body, feelings and sensations and be present with the surrounding.

30 minutes     25€ - Individuals                     


There are different types all of them seated meditation practice: breathe awareness, guided meditation, visualization, mantra, open the heart, etc. They belief peace, the beauty, the glory and joy of our being lies within.  We cannot seek in the outside. We need to go “within”.  Please contact us for a good offer!

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