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At some point we need to Detox, but what does Detox really do for you?


Lately, we can hear about detox everywhere. We are living in a polluted world, we are exposed to a chemical and toxic environment, the food is not safe anymore, and we live a stressful life/jobs, etc. All these compounds makes us want to get into detox.


Stress, lack of energy, overweight, inflammation, and sickness in general is usually a result of a high acidity level in our bodys ph-level.  When it comes to heal a tired and toxic body, we seek for the most appropriate and personalized way. We are looking into how to eliminate those acids that are blocking and causing an imbalance in your immune system.


A typical detox is done during a period of time, and follows a strict regime. It is not only to go on a diet, abstain from the daily routine habits in order to get rid of toxins - we need to clean the immune system as much as possible.


There are different ways to start a detox, from going to a total fasting, water fasting, fruit juice, soups, raw vegetables, fruit, or just a plant based diet.

All of these ways are claimed to help with any health issues, obesity, digestive problems, autoimmune disease, inflammation, allergies, and chronic fatigue, insomnia, arthritis, gluten intolerance, etc.


Usually, during the detox we might have to introduce some herbs tincture, herbal tea, supplements - also a colon cleansing or enemas are much recommended.


Join us with for a Detox and your body will recover and get healthier from all those toxins that not only affects your physical body, but also your emotional and spiritual sides.

Blackberry og Lemon Detox
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