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Healthy Food
The way of life of our ancestors was very different from ours due to the modernization of the agriculture and processed food, more than 200 years ago.


”Let food be your medicine, and let a plant based diet nourish and heal your body”.

Most people believe that in order to be healthy they need a lot of discipline, and are required to remove lots of food from the list. But, our experience is the opposite - adding new and healthy food is more important than taking food away!


We might learn from our children as they still have the intuition that we as adults don’t have any more. We need to be a role model for our kids.  They act spontaneously, eating in balance according to their needs. Unfortunately, due to marketing and commercials, little by little this born intuition is disappearing. 

Awareness of food - macrobiotic

Food can heal, nourish our digestive system, balance our pH. There is not good or bad, as each kind of food has a certain energy and nutrient benefits. 


Certain food has a positive effect and a vibration. And if you wish, we arrange workshops where you can learn what food your body needs, how to prepare and cook with all those ingredients beneficial for you and your family.


Fermented food 

Cut, slice up or grate raw vegetables and squeeze with salt into a jar until the sugars and carbs interact with bacteria, yeast and microbes ; they release their juice; lactobacillus plenty of beneficial properties for our good bacteria in the gut.

Sprouts - the living food

Sprouts are seeds that can be germinated up to 7days. They contain loads of enzymes and nutrients and are very easy to assimilate and absorb by the digestive system. Adding sprouts to your healthy diet can allow the body to gain energy, and to clean and regulate your immune system.

Weekly shopping

We can guide and assist you in your weekly shopping.

Weekly cooking

We can provide you with weekly recipes, and guide you in best practice when cooking your meals.

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