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Health is essential and our body wants to stay healthy!

When referring to health - it needs to be split into two categories, the physical and the mental health. To create a good physical health, the body needs good and clean nutrients, fluids as well as exercises and rest at the same time (enough sleep). 


When the physical body is in a good shape, feels active and fit, the digestive system usually works properly.  And, good mental health is when the mind is sharp, it is possible to maintain a relationship with everyone, we are in peace and harmony. There is a big health revolution sweeping the whole world.  All the holistic healing, and alternative medicine, plant based diets, fruits, smoothies, herbal teas, home remedies, are helping to detox our immune system and even healing from any kind of diseases.


Sickness is usually only a high acidity level in the bodys PH level. When it comes to heal a tired and toxic body, we seek for the most appropriate and personalized way.  And, see how to eliminate those acids that are blocking and causing an imbalance in your immune system.

It seems, the more stress we are the more unorganized we become. It is good idea that before having any changes to make a structure, to set a good routine for daily basic. This is going to give you the energy, vitality, and courage needed for your new your life.  Shall we start with a healthy list shopping, cooking, go to bed and wake up at the same time, etc.


Kids Health

A healthy diet adds a good quality of life and a happy and energetic child. 


Our kids are our world: the most important thing in our life. A child is happy, when is active and plays, sleeps well, has good appetite, digest and eliminate normally, grows and weights according to his age.


We need to learn how food and nutrition can improve overall health.  Some health problems in our kids could be related to over-nutrition or under-nutrition and you will need to know why your kid easy catch colds, is very active, does not know what he wants, is quite shy, is afraid at night, etc.  It is a relief to have all the tools to be able to combat them.


When we eat a specific food, we absorb all of the qualities. Each food has an individual vibration that creates a particular energy and, influence with quality of blood, cells, tissues, organs function, consciousness, etc.

Kvinnen Plukke økologiske grønnsaker
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