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Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China over thousand years ago. TCM and the philosophy is based on yin-yang, the 5 elements, etc, that encompasses the following different practices:


Is a technique where very fine needles are inserted in different and specific acupuncture points of your body. The acupuncture needles have a regulating function, makes and encourage the vital energy, and the blood to flow and circulate in a proper balance. Stimulates the immune system, pain relief, body balance (Gastrointestinal, emotional, respiratory disorders, etc) and prevention, etc.

40 minutes     50€                                                            


Cupping /Suction cups:

The cupping is the old technique that is apply mainly on the back. It works as a suction function, and it treats internal body diseases such as, pain, fatigue, nervous or skeleton imbalances, gain vital energy, etc.

30 minutes     30€                                   

Ginger Hot Compress: 

Hot and wet towels soaked on grated fresh ginger water. Particularly, apply on the back lumbar / kidneys area.  A pressure is given on specific points along the bladder meridian. Stimulates the blood, and body fluid circulation, dissolve stagnated toxin, etc.

30 minutes     30€          

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